About Us

We are a group of student nurses working together with a common goal: to prepare ourselves to be the best nurses we can be! This is our online meeting place, where we organize our activities, share ideas, and publicize our mission.

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Our Work

Through the organization, we are able to strengthen our knowledge, skills, and passion about nursing. Fundraisers, volunteering, guest speakers, and group meetings all help broaden our insight as future nurses.   

Our Mission

We follow the philosophy of our school: Healthcare as Ministry. We believe that wellness is not achieved through medical care alone, but through healing relationships that speak to peoples' minds, bodies, and souls. 

10 Reasons to Join Us

1. SHARE THE EXPERIENCE - You can't do it alone, no matter how good you are. Meet classmates and make connections.

2. PASSION FOR THE PROFESSION - Be inspired by those who love their careers, and find your fit.

3. TO HAVE A VOICE - Be represented. Be heard. Express your opinions and help make a difference. 

4. BROADENING KNOWLEDGE - Learn more about the many facets of nursing. Maybe you will find your calling!

5. LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES - Gain leadership skills that will help you throughout your nursing career.

6. CAREER BUILDING - Build your resume and stand out above other applicants when interviewing for job.

7. THE NSNA CONVENTION - Meet other motivated nursing student from around the nation.

8. BENEFITSReceive discounts and other nursing resources that are only available to NSNA members.

9. ACCESS TO PROFESSIONAL ROLE MODELS - Learn about different departments and connect with senior nurses.

10. COMMUNITY OUTREACH - Volunteer in the community and practice your skills. Help others in need. 


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ADU SNA is an official constituent of the National Student Nurses’ Association, Inc.®


We are a nonprofit  organization of students. Our purpose is to become leaders in our profession and community. Please feel free to donate by pressing the button below.